Place to be

Place de Paris. The place to be. There has been an exciting rejuvenation in this area, with new bars popping up and a lively atmosphere growing all the time. N° 35 rue du Fort Elizabeth is no exception. This building on the corner of the square, formally known as the ‘Akula Café’, has undergone a complete renovation, inside and out, for the last two years. It has now been finished and beautifully restored to its former elegance. The ground floor space has become ‘Metropolitan’ – a sparkling new bar & restaurant, with a décor to complement the beauty of the building. With nods towards ‘Art Deco’ styling it retains a modern cozy feel. Serving food from early morning through to the evening with plenty of cocktails, and a sophisticated atmosphere. Whether you want a full meal, a light snack or a simply a drink and a get together with friends and colleagues, ‘Metropolitan’ will cater for your tastes.